Kevin L. ERWIN
Biomedical Translation
French - English

translation, proofreading, glossaries and lexicons, linguistic counseling...

Translation and other linguistic services for health professionals

Portrait, Kevin L. ERWIN, biomedical translator

Doctors, researchers, and other health and life science professionals, welcome to my website.

My activity as a freelance translator specialized exclusively in biomedical sciencesinfo is designed to respond to your needs in French-to-English translation, proofreading and other linguistic services.

My clients are usually native French speakers. If this is your case, you may be more comfortable consulting my website in French.

My fields of competence include (but are not limited to):

Whatever your structure may be—clinical, industrial, research, public health, patient services—I can help you achieve your communication goals in English.

I hope that you will find my website informative. Feel free to contact me if you would like further information.

Please note: Having a direct contact with you, the initial client, is one of my four pillars for excellence in linguistic services. Open communication without intermediaries will be essential for us, and for this reason I have chosen to not work with translation agencies. If you are a translation agency representative, I do thank you for your understanding.

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