A commitment to excellence

photo sphygmomanometer

My activity is founded on the idea of excellence in linguistic services.

My post-graduate degree in biomedical translation is an indispensable starting point, but to make this objective real, I also respect a certain number of practices:

"Do one thing and do it better than anyone else"

I translate only toward my native language and only in the biomedical field.

"Never stop learning"

I regularly study relevant biomedical texts and journals. This allows me:

"Know your limits"

I use a reduced translation-speed estimation. This allows for the indispensable documentation time needed in biomedical linguistic work.

"Communication is everything"

I avoid third parties by creating direct relationships with my clients. This allows for open, clear communication, without intermediaries, and favors the exchange of ideas and the success of the project. This last point allows me to know my clients well today and even better tomorrow, to better respond to their needs and to act in their best interest only.

Of course, the respect of deadlines and all trade, professional and medical secrets is an integral part of my service offer, as are my resourcefulness, flexibility, reliability and professionalism.