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"Grammatical" proofreading is the act of perfecting your documents written in English. The goal is to correct all syntax, typing and grammatical errors and to improve readability while leaving your message content intact. "Comparative" proofreading is designed to verify that a relationship between two documents has been respected, and if not, correct it.

Proofreading is usually billed on an hourly rate. The amount of time needed depends on the length of the document, its technical difficulties and especially on writing quality.

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If you write in English my proofreading services should interest you. This service was conceived particularly for native French speakers writing in English, but I can also proofread for native English speakers writing in English.

Grammatical proofreading is often called upon by authors hoping to publish their articles in English-language scientific or medical journals. Indeed, an awkwardly written article or an article containing grammatical errors will inevitably be sent back for revision, despite its scientific qualities. Having your document professionally proofread by a native English speaker can help you avoid this. You will save time and your article may get published faster. What I cannot change however is the legitimacy and interest of your results, which need to be solid as well for your article to be published.

If you have good written English skills, proofreading will be less expensive than a comparably sized translation. However if your written English is marginal or worse, it would probably be a better idea (and not just financially speaking) to write your communication in your native French and let me translate it. You will put less time into the writing process, better express your message and in all probability the translation of your well-written French text will end up being less expensive than a proofreading of your badly-written English text.

Comparative proofreading is usually called upon to verify equivalence. For example, a translated document can be compared to its source document, or a simplified document can be compared to the specialized document on which it was based.

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